Rosale Bohannon




Rosale offers her clients pertinacity in their transaction needs, whether buying or selling. In addition, she provides hard work and perseverance to get to job done for the best interest of my clients and their needs.

Rosale has been married to Ray Bohannon for 24 years. Before becoming a REALTOR®, Rosale was a nail technician for over 25 years, where she had the pleasure to meet some of the amazing people of Midland. So many to this day, she still calls friends.

When Rosale became an empty nester, she started fostering dogs for several years. She was able to foster for such great organizations as Almost Home Schnauzer Rescue, Midland Adaptable Shelter Rescue (MASA), and CAMO. Along with fostering, she also did transports and helped with clinics, both shot, and adoption.

Rosales’ nine beautiful grandchildren are the greatest joys in her life besides her dogs. Rosale has always loved architecture and enjoys being creative, whether it’s with wood, sewing, painting, or just DIYing.

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